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CN-1272377-A: 壮骨消痹的药物 patent, CN-1272871-A: Use in cold drawing lubricant, of cobalt and/or nickel salt suspension as adhesive, lubricating, suspending agent and method for obtaining same patent, CN-1273088-A: Amino substituted hydroxy-diphenylone as light stability ultraviolet fitering agent used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparation patent, CN-1273099-A: Exterior-applied medicine for treating scald and its preparing process patent, CN-1273386-A: 可随选随打的打印控制器 patent, CN-1273942-A: 一水硬铝石型铝土矿脱硅方法 patent, CN-1274104-A: 图像形成装置 patent, CN-1274646-A: 液体消耗状态检测方法、液体容器以及墨盒 patent, CN-1274761-A: Cutting insert blade for metallic ceramic patent, CN-1274828-A: Portable humidifier with bonded changeable box element patent, CN-1275860-A: 数字视频摄像装置 patent, CN-1276659-A: 生成防伪认证数据的方法与装置,其认证方法与装置及系统 patent, CN-1277562-A: 数据发送接收系统、数据发送和接收装置 patent, CN-1278253-A: 取代的烷基胺或其盐的生产方法 patent, CN-1278581-A: Composite anti-theft netted guard made of high-strength steel cable patent, CN-1279381-A: Heat anchor patent, CN-1279384-A: 电热水器 patent, CN-1279611-A: Mechod for treating postmenopausal women using ultra-low-doses of estrogen patent, CN-1280851-A: Chinese-medicinal composition containing Chinese onion for improving hyperlipomia patent, CN-1282178-A: Broadcasting television receiving system with delayed watching and recording scheduled function and control method patent, CN-1282868-A: 压力传感器及其制造方法 patent, CN-1283038-A: Imaging system patent, CN-1283220-A: Alkaline solid block composition patent, CN-1283764-A: Light-amplifying transparent lampshade patent, CN-1284114-A: 在加热炉反应器中的l沸石催化剂 patent, CN-1284322-A: Fibre-containing making up composition patent, CN-1284869-A: 慢性胃肠道炎症的治疗 patent, CN-1285608-A: 带螺旋形多透镜电极组件的阴极射线管用电子枪 patent, CN-1286163-A: 一种用于全天候服装的复合层压面料的生产方法 patent, CN-1286169-A: 每个喷口具有多个输墨孔的全集成热喷墨打印头 patent, CN-1286477-A: Piezoelectric ceramics composition and piezoelectric device using same patent, CN-1287429-A: Method for executing radio internet switching in object terminal patent, CN-1287434-A: 双向信息显示方法和装置以及一种数字话机 patent, CN-1287540-A: 油料籽和谷物加工废水的处理方法和设备 patent, CN-1288091-A: Blockig water flow and storing dirt method patent, CN-1288419-A: Apparatus for holding a container patent, CN-1288923-A: 用于木质复合材料的脲-甲醛粘合剂树脂 patent, CN-1288965-A: Preparation of high-purity osmium powder patent, CN-1289996-A: Antiforge printed matter with shape code reference patent, CN-1290767-A: 电子枪电极用Fe-Cr-Ni类合金板和Fe-Cr-Ni类合金 patent, CN-1290897-A: Method and system for dynamic adjustable and formulating waste collective program patent, CN-1292247-A: Measuring equipment easy to change storage parameter and its use patent, CN-1292483-A: Closed-top combustion chamber smoke return boiler patent, CN-1293537-A: Articulated combine patent, CN-1294366-A: Method for correcting address error in ATM switch network patent, CN-1294554-A: 印张上光的方法和装置及其应用 patent, CN-1295542-A: Inorganic lubricant-coated glass fiber strands and products including the same patent, CN-1296745-A: 防治小麦病害、促健壮、抗倒伏的杀菌·植调剂 patent, CN-1297484-A: Mutant proteins having lower allergenic response in humans and methods for constructing, identifying and producing such proteins patent, CN-1297895-A: 一种新的多肽——线粒体载体30和编码这种多肽的多核苷酸 patent, CN-1298288-A: Intraosseous single-tooth implant patent, CN-1298600-A: Densitometry method patent, CN-1299524-A: 具有抑制不需要模式的共平面微波电路 patent, CN-1300797-A: 废旧塑料的处理方理方法及其制品 patent, CN-1300870-A: 喷涂陶瓷的烧嘴及其制造技术 patent, CN-1301199-A: Method and apparatus for manufacturing a thin-walled article patent, CN-1301687-A: 三羟甲基丙烷烯丙基醚的制备方法 patent, CN-1302163-A: Queue control technology for radio interface patent, CN-1302459-A: 带有电池匣的电气用具 patent, CN-1302691-A: 一种含稀土杂原子的mor结构沸石分子筛及其合成方法 patent, CN-1304184-A: Package structure with light emitting diode adhered on its surface and its manufacturing method patent, CN-1305087-A: Displacement measuring device patent, CN-1305146-A: 为多样的显示装置建立信息显示策略 patent, CN-1305156-A: Device for recognizing intelligent IC card with universal serial bus interface and its implementing method patent, CN-1305161-A: 普通环球网浏览器的推送技术 patent, CN-1305338-A: Module substrate and its manufacturing method patent, CN-1305726-A: 一种甜茶提取物及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-1306070-A: Process for preparing isotropic coke patent, CN-1306250-A: Method for simulating ISA bus by VXI digital I/O module patent, CN-1306512-A: P38的杂环抑制剂 patent, CN-1306790-A: Backpack carrier for baby patent, CN-1306825-A: 吸附烧伤膏 patent, CN-1306938-A: 一种甲烷转化工艺 patent, CN-1307496-A: Apparatus for and method of processing information, information processing system, terminal for and method of receiving data, and data broadcasting system patent, CN-1307828-A: Production process of tablet made from shaddock patent, CN-1308160-A: Technological process of producing viscose fiber size with bamboo and timber material patent, CN-1308592-A: 在玻璃板上涂覆有机涂料的方法 patent, CN-1309082-A: 一种从硼泥中回收硼酸的方法 patent, CN-1309503-A: 电缆调制解调器的调谐器 patent, CN-1309597-A: 机器人装置及其控制方法 patent, CN-1309780-A: 单模光波导 patent, CN-1310179-A: Oxamide being as IMPDH inhibitor patent, CN-1310198-A: 摩擦系数减小的聚-α-烯烃制品和膜 patent, CN-1310984-A: Low temp. equipment patent, CN-1311155-A: 电梯控制装置 patent, CN-1311295-A: Anti-static dust-proof sterilizing broad spectrum detergent and preparing method patent, CN-1311539-A: Post assembly being easy to use shock-proof clamping bolt patent, CN-1312352-A: Efficient energy-saving quickly ignited honeycomb briquet patent, CN-1312577-A: 一种使用混合彩色图形测量会聚度的方法 patent, CN-1312982-A: Mobile communications apparatus patent, CN-1313103-A: Pearl powder ointment for treating burn and scald patent, CN-1314617-A: 阳性型感光性平版印刷版 patent, CN-1314643-A: Approximate single regulation time synchronous method and system of nonuniform storage access system patent, CN-1314869-A: 改进的饮料售货机结构 patent, CN-1317559-A: Compsition for dry washing patent, CN-1317916-A: System for isolating communication channel by direction in non-SDMA communication system patent, CN-1318295-A: Isoprotuion herbicide recompounding method patent, CN-1318585-A: Production technique of controllable biologically degraded plastic bag for edible fungi patent, CN-1318635-A: 多功能冰箱洁护剂 patent, CN-1318687-A: Exhaust purifier patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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